720 Sq Ft 2BHK Contemporary Style Single-Storey House


The original schedule called for the work to be finished in late 1951. By the end of 1950 the contractor estimated it would take until 1952. John McShain encountered the president at a football game on January 1, 1951 and jokingly told the president he would be in the White House that summer. The president took him seriously, announced it publicly, and invited Princess Elizabeth to visit in the autumn. The state visit occurred, but not in the (unfinished) White House. In early 1952 the president directed that the work needed to be complete by early April in time for a state visit by Queen Juliana of The Netherlands. Soon afterwards he announced he would be returning to the White House two weeks earlier than previously stated.

Total Area : 720 Square Feet
Budgets : 10 Lacks
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Sit out
Living cum dining area
2 Bedroom
1 Attached bathroom
1 Common bathroom
Stair room

The project had to balance between the needs of the modern Presidency while retaining the symbolism of the nation’s pre-eminent historic home, determine which historical style or period to adhere to, and implement these conflicting demands on a very tight budget. Prior to the reconstruction, the greatest historical link was through the house itself; the furnishings and most artwork were from recent decades. The reconstruction retained the historic exterior but removed most of the interior’s link to the past. “When those floors creaked, you knew Lincoln had been walking there before you.” The reconstructed interiors were described as “stark” and by Eleanor Roosevelt as resembling a hotel.

The Trumans both lobbied Congress to preserve the exterior of the White House and like the Eisenhowers and Kennedys who followed them, were not pleased with the lack of historical furniture. Before departing office, President Truman attempted to obtain an additional $50,000 from Congress for more suitable furniture, but was unsuccessful.Jacqueline Kennedy’s restoration a decade later sought to restore this link through the return of historic furnishings, artwork, and interior details. Bess Truman was responsible for creating the Lincoln Bedroom by compiling into one room Lincoln’s famous bed and other furniture from the time of his administration that had been discovered and restored by the Trumans.

Neither the Commission nor the president were satisfied with the work of the general contractor. When the Commission published its official account of the project, it described the work of nearly everyone of significance to the project, except the general contractor, whose name was all but omitted. President Truman publicly expressed praise for the completed work, but the night of his return to the White House he wrote in his private diary: “With all the trouble and worry it is worth it – but not ​5 1⁄2 million dollars! if I could have had charge of the construction it would have been done for half the money and in half the time!”