868 Sqft Kerala Style Home


A house is one of the basic necessities of life. It is every ones dream to own a house at some point of time. Some prefer to buy a house that is already constructed and make some amendments to meet one’s personal requirements.

On the other hand, some prefer to build their home from scratch. The movies and stories portray construction of a house as a simple task. However, the reality is far away from this. For construction of a house there are multiple procedures before starting the actual construction. The main procedure is getting sanctioned from the local bodies. To get the sanction the plan of the project with tax receipts and owners id proof is to be submitted by paying government fees. After receiving the requested documents the officials check and verify them and would even visit the site to check if the plan and other documents submitted are genuine and accurate. After the inspection, they would issue the necessary documents if the construction and related activities are honest. The plan and submitted documents must prove that the construction is being done under legal terms and conditions. Only on Getting this document the construction will considered legal and lawful. In some cases these documents are obtained only at the end of construction.

Housing plan is the first step to building a house. Plan is drawing made by experts showing the outline of the house to be constructed. Plan is drawn based on the requirements of the owner of the house and by the rules of construction in that particular area. It varys from person to person and place to place. It indicates the number of rooms, area of the house, the postion of the rooms. To make a plan one must qualified to do the task. These are usually made by architects or engineers. After visiting the site for the proposed house the engineer makes this drawing based on the rules and regulations of building house.
This drawing or the plan is finalised only after the owner of the house approves.

With technologies advancement, nowadays experts even make a 3D image of the final look of the house. This 3D image gives the exact or overall idea of the final house. It also helps in giving a complete picture of the products that the contractor plans to use in building the house. For example, number of windows, cladding stones, tile works and so on.

It is after this plan and getting approval for the plan the contractor submits the estimate or budget for building the house to the owner. The owner and the contractor and even the workers of the house use this plan as the basis of building the home.