1393 Sq Ft 3 BHK Single Floor Modern Home


Sears Homes have become increasingly popular among history enthusiasts because of their sturdy structure, the do-it-yourself nature of construction and the popular architectural design concepts. However, many houses described as Sears Homes are not true Sears Homes, being either the product of another kit home manufacturer or not a kit home at all. Sears houses can be identified and/or authenticated using the following methods.

Public records: From 1911 to 1933, Sears offered home mortgages and Sears company officials or the Sears Roebuck corporation may be named on the mortgage or deed associated with the property where the home was constructed. Sears company officials most commonly listed on mortgages and deeds include:

Shipping labels: Often found on the back of millwork like baseboard molding or door and window trim, shipping labels associated with Sears may indicate that the home is a Sears Modern house. Most of the millwork was fulfilled by the Sears-owned “Norwood Sash and Door Company” of Cincinnati, Ohio. However, building materials like millwork could be purchased separately from Sears so millwork with shipping labels is not, by itself, a definitive indicator of a Sears Modern house.

Compare house designs to original catalog images. Some models of Sears homes were very similar in design to models offered by other kit home manufacturers or through plan books. Designs may have been modified but generally should match in layout and dimensions.

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Living room
Dining area
3 Bedroom with attached bathroom
Work area
Stair room